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My name is Noel and through my blog, I help individuals and entrepreneurs who don't already have an accountant, save time and money (ie. reduce taxes) by demystifying the complexities of taxes and accounting.

As an experienced accountant for over 20 years, along with a strong background on income taxes, business and technology, I am able to share my knowledge and experience with you. I have also launched several small, but profitable Internet companies (, and

If you have questions on accounting or are confused with bookkeeping for your new business, or are wondering how and when to pay your taxes, then this blog is for you. There is literally so much information on these subjects to handle by yourself on top of trying to pay your taxes and/or run your business.

Stop feeling overwhelmed with all the information out there. With my experience as an accountant and online entrepreneur, I can save you time and money, by demystifying the complexities of taxes and accounting. I hope that you follow my blog and become a subscriber.

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Noel B. Lorenzana


10 Things to Do if You Don't Have an Accountant or Bookkeeper
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