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I was born in an entrepreneurial family. My father is also a CPA and he emigrated to the United States in 1972 with our family. He only had 70 dollars in his pocket, but he had a vision, a good head on his shoulders, and a strong work ethic. He partnered with other businessmen who were also emigrating from the Philippines around the same time. Together and through determination, and much hard work, they created a successful wholesale distribution network of imported food products from the Philippines that still operates today.

I had been working regularly since I turned 16. Like most kids my age, I really didn’t like working, but it was a means to an end. My parents had four kids and we managed to do okay, but we didn’t have the prosperity that my peers had. As a result, I value hard work and all the lessons that go along with it.

I grew up in the North Suburbs of Chicago mostly, but also lived for three years in the San Francisco area. In 1993 I received a degree in Accounting from the University of Illinois at Chicago and passed the Illinois CPA exam the following year.

After graduating, I worked for three and a half years with a local public accounting firm, Martin & Martin CPA’s. I wasn’t sure how I would do, but I figured things out quickly and was able to contribute at a high level. My favorite activity was cranking out tax returns during the busy tax season. I’ve always been able to work quickly and figure things out on the fly, so these traits served me well there.

Around this time, my mother pleaded with me to start working at our family business, Philippine Food Corporation in Chicago. I was hesitant since I was aware of the pitfalls of working with family members, but we agreed that it was important for someone else to know how to run the company. My contribution to the company was evident. There is something about having young “blood” in any organization to open new opportunities and to be able to look at things with a new lens.

After working there for 17 years, my desire to continue had diminished. Although I had the opportunity to continue managing the company, I had little desire, since I often found myself unmotivated.

During my later years working with my family business, I was able to launch two online DVD video rental sites in my spare time., specializing in instructional dance videos and BushidoFlix specializing in instructional martial arts and MMA training videos. Both sites are doing well, despite the downturn in DVD sales and ever increasing postage costs. I will write more about how these opportunities came to life in an upcoming blog post.

So without a full-time job along with two young children at home, my vision was to create something where I could work for myself and have more time for my family. My lovely and supportive wife agreed. For several months I had no ideas, but then... AHA!

What if there was a website that offered accounting, tax, and business expertise in a convenient and affordable place? At last, my latest entrepreneurial vision was born -! This would be a site where you can get expert answers to your accounting, tax and business questions for a low monthly membership fee. I designed and created the site, utilizing countless hours and lots of hard work. I'm very pleased with the results and I think the idea could be a home run.

I’m honored that you’ve taken time out of your day to visit my site. Please check out my blog page and subscribe to The CPATaxBuddy Letter if you haven't already done so. I hope that it’s helpful to you and that I’m able to help leverage my experience and knowledge to your benefit.

To your success!

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